Sega Genesis Mini Reseña: Es como una maquina del tiempo a los ’90s

Esta cosa te llevara directamente a los ’90s. No literalmente, pero casi.

Yo, como cualquier otro niño de los ’80s y ’90s, Estoy obsesionado con los videojuegos.

Ahora tal vez no has escuchado nada de esto pero hay una nueva mini consola en el mercado: la Sega Genesis Mini. Y te vamos a mostrar como funciona esto.

Todo alrededor de la consola trata de crearte nostalgia hasta la caja. Por ejemplo si comparas la caja mini con la caja original, solo al verlas sentiras “la Mañana de Navidad de 1989” .

La consola en si es una recreacion identica, solo mas pequeña, y es super ligera.

Tiene 2 puertos atras: un HDMI (de salida) y un micro USB (de carga). y otros 2 USB para los controles. Esto es excelente en USB en comparacion con la mini nintendo, que solo puede usar controles Wii. esto lo hace mucho mas flexible abriendo la posibilidad para controles externos.

Incluso se han colocado elementos falsos como el boton de volumen que no hace nada y puertos para los audifonos que no cumplen ninguna funcion real solo estaban alli en la original.

(El boton de power si funciona)

Incluso puedes abrir el puerto de los cartuchos! Eso tiene alguna funcion? NO, Pero la SNES Mini NO LO HACE asi que puntos para Sega.


Obviamente no hay cartuchos asi de pequeños pero puedes poner lapices o qtips no se.

El tamaños es super compacto aqui esta comparada con una SNES Mini (y un Switch solo para tener una escala):

The controllers are also a faithful adaptation looks-wise, but as with other mini consoles, they feel a little lighter and cheaper than the original controllers. IMO, the controller is the only major area where the console falls short (figuratively and literally…the cords are a bit on the short side at 6′ long).

Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

The controller felt fine in my hands, but I did experience some double-presses with the D-pad. Playing a game like Sonic the Hedgehog or Comix Zone was fine, but playing Tetris was tough. I found that my button presses felt either a tad slow to respond, or were over-responsive.

Of course, some of this might just be an adjustment back to old software for someone who hasn’t played a Sega console in years and is used to the very snappy Tetris 99 on Switch. Also, I just kinda suck at Tetris, so…

Booting up the system for the first time, you just pick an operating language and you’re all set to go. You’re greeted with a list of 42 games, including some absolute classics.

Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

Obviously you get Sonic and Sonic 2, but there’s also Altered Beast, the very creative Comix Zone, Earthworm Jim, Street Fighter II, and a bunch of other classics. What’s especially cool is that switching the operating language to Japanese will change the whole UI, and even add the Japanese-only Puyo Puyo to the games list!

You can check out the Genesis Mini site for the full list of games. There are a few glaring omissions, such as Mortal Kombat or Disney’s Aladdin, but overall the list is pretty great.

The system solves the aspect ratio problem by putting this border around the game (and yes, that Sonic silhouette is there during any game, not just Sonic games).

Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

Other features include a “save state” system, where you can save at any point during any game and load it up later. As of yet, the Genesis Mini doesn’t have the “rewind” feature that the SNES Mini has.

One of my absolute favorite things about the console is the power adapter, which is just a USB cable and this tiny block. The block is so slim and compact that I could plug it into a surge protector between the power blocks for my router and modem! That’s a huge win when you have a bunch of consoles and crap plugged into the same area.

Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

It also makes the whole system that much more portable. Honestly, the controllers will probably take up more room than anything.

So, is the Sega Genesis Mini worth the $79.99 price tag? If you’re a fan of classic Sega games and you can’t play them elsewhere, then the answer is almost definitely yes.

Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

Even if the controllers bother you, there will inevitably be a bunch of alternative options, including wireless. In fact, 8bitdo already has a wireless controller.

Now, go forth and get your Sonic on. Or your ToeJam & Earl on. Whatever you like.

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